Why New?

Huge leaps have been made in construction techniques and building regulations have become ever more stringent, so new homes and conversions are built to far higher standards than ever before.

A few of the advantages of a new home over an old one are:

  • They are likely to be four times as energy efficient as an older property
  • Where possible, the latest environmental technology will have been incorporated
  • Maintenance and running costs will almost certainly be lower
  • Insurances can be reduced because of up-to-date locks, entry systems and alarms
  • Sound proofing materials and techniques are now much improved, reducing noise levels and helping to prevent sounds from travelling.
  • New homes are now safer from fire: fire resistant materials, circuit breakers and fire and smoke alarms are now obligatory.
  • All the latest technologies and modern luxuries such as under floor heating, wet rooms, up to date appliances, media and communications systems etc. can be specified and integrated into the building at the appropriate construction stage, to create a new home that is both beautiful and entirely practical.